mybenshop business story

In Sep 2015, I met Miam & J during my new work.  Miam is a nickname that I gave him. It’s a french word, in English, it means Yummy.  He is a gourmet.  For the first time that I met Miam, I knew that he could be a good friend.  He cared others.  We have something in common.  J was not easy to be perceived, as he didn’t say much and most of the time he was with no emotion.  But finally I connected more with J as he was a person with intelligence. We worked together for the new product projects and enjoyed very much.  He was my work mate.  He has said that we were one person standing on both shoulders and nobody could compete with us.  Yes if we still worked together, we could have created the first-class innovative products.  I worked very hard and contributed too much to the company.  The design of the new products didn’t work, I tried my bests to realise it.  Sometimes there was no way before us, I tried to open a way.  I worked day and night.  But there was nothing perfect.  Something happened.  For me, I like to see the things behind.  I’m a visionary.  I saw the management problem of the company and I found that he could not be a leader.  I needed a leader to follow, otherwise I lost my way.  At first I tried to ask him to give me an answer, silence, then later just a so-so explanation.  I found that we didn’t share the same value.  Sooner or later we would separate.  So I made one painful decision, left the company and left J.  But what happened after shocked me greatly.  I saw more clearly who he was.  One of my teachers said, “To be greatly successful, you need to be an animal instead of human”.  True, it’s the reality.  But we choose to be a human.  J has told me that he had only one goal-his business.  Now I understood so well his meaning.  One of my another mentors, Moise Rothschild said, “He has grown under this kind of environment”.  Agree.  People cannot choose the environment where he lives, but he can still choose what kind of life he wants.  Miam is the childhood friend of J, because of J, I also lost Miam.  I missed him very much.  J was dead in my heart.  When we separated, J told me that he was building a hobbit house and would show me the photo.  After my leaving, I had some time, I tried to do some research for the products and I found that we made big mistake!  I was only an employee.  Our project would fail.  Reason:  1) The company didn’t put much time on research.  2) We didn’t have a team to work together.  I have worked for long time, I was always over the expection of others and never failed in my work.  Although I left the company, I thought that I should still do something to make up for the mistake.  I felt sorry to the consumers.  So here comes my main item-two innovations: the first 2-in-1 kombucha brewing kit, the first easy fermentation crock.  A product is for problem solving.  A product should bring benefits to the consumers.  These two products are also for the memory of Miam.  I miss him so much.  I worry for his work. All my best wishes for him!  One day when I become a real entrepreneur, maybe I will go to a small town in Quebec to search a hobbit house in the mountain.

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