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I met Uriel, co-founder of Idee Cadeau Quebec just by chance.  I’m a quite curious woman and like doing research.  I found one interview that he was made on Oct29, 2014.  During the interview, he talked about that being an entrepreneur means accepting to live in a risky way.  He also talked about the following main qualities that a young entrepreneur must possess.  

1. Accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you.
2. Apply the basics of excellent management of your personal finance.
3. Have a positive attitude, focused on solution.
4. Develop an attentive ultra authentic listening .
5. Be animated by a deep & genuine desire to help others achieve what they want.
6. Welcome change and continuous improvement with open arms.
7. Start gradually and get feedback as soon as possible.
8. Learn to seek help.

It’s more interesting that when he sent me an e-mail presenting another article about him, I was reading that article at the meantime:  I was greatly touched by one sentence-“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art.  It is a practice.”.  I replied to him,”I will practice.”  He replied with big laughter emoji.  I was happy to see that he was happy.  I got great inspiration from his words and I really appreciate Uriel to help me to move forward.

Thanks Uriel!




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