mybenshop business story

In Dec 2016, I met a problem with one customer in BC Canada. At that time, our innovative kombucha brewing jar was only available in US market. One day Laurie wrongly made an order online and the problem is that we could not ship the goods from US to Canada, as the freight is not affordable. Firstly I tried to contact her to tell her the situation. She was upset. In order to let her be happy, I tried to use my intelligence and finally found a unique solution for her. I discussed the solution with her. She was so happy to hear it. And I tracked all the shipment until she received the goods. She was so delighted and said, “ Well your being a really great entrepreneur ! If any one admires these items when I have them I will be happy to recommend you as you have provided such good service…keep it up and you will do great in your business. This kind of service is so lacking in most online purchasing and I have really appreciated your assistance. Take care ”
This is just a small story that happened during my business, but I will never forget it. It reminds me that the customers are waiting for you. I should always try to do better.

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