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Product Characteristics:

  • Window cleaning robot for framed and frameless windows
  • Smart sensors for efficiency
  • One-Touch operation
  • Suitable for glass, marble, floor, table surface
  • High speed, strong torque, swipe more clean
    Break through the ordinary window tool manpower repeatedly clean leading to lumbar muscle strain and other issues, easy up window cleaning
  • Vacuum adsorption, suction, do not fall, automatic detection compensation adsorption force, real-time monitoring of air pressure conditions
  • Brushless motor, power lasting, high speed, long life
    Keep the suction while reducing noise, quiet no limit
  • Intelligent path planning, two automatic swipe mode, left and right Z word track, up and down N word track,
    Easy to get rid of different stains of the glass, according to the glass length and width ratio of self-planning Z or N path, clean more efficient
  • Automatically return to the original point, after cleaning work,  the machine automatically back to the original place, convenient
  • Strong suction, safe and neat, built-in edge detection sensor, automatic detection of frameless edge, adjust the running line, will not be out of the glass surface, worry-free wipe no border glass, make you more peace of mind
  • Ultra-thin body, free access to anti-theft window grid,
    The corner is also thoughtful for you
  • Speed clean-up capacity, Ultra-fast, Wiping a piece of one square meter of glass, just 2 minutes, save time and easy
  • Power failure, built-in UPS anti-power system and other multiple security, Accidentally dropping accidental power is still safe and safe to use
  • Nut lock type power connector, safer and more reliable, while supporting multiple extension lines, wiping distance unrestricted
  • Clean the window low decibel, clean ultra low tone.  The noise floor of the clean operation is only 65 dB lower
    Drink afternoon tea, have a sleep or listen to music, enjoy a clean life
  • Ultra-fine fiber wipes, fine wipe, do not hurt the glass, a wipe clean.  Short hair clean cloth, high friction coefficient, suitable for dry rub.  Long hair clean, the friction coefficient is low, suitable for wet rub.
  • Floating wiping plate design.  Even if not smooth surface, the cloth will be flexible fit interface
  • Multi-manipulation system, a key to start, mobile phone APP control, wireless remote control
  • Smart control, easy as long as a finger, as long as a key press automatic full window cleaning
  • Remote control, long distance remote control, strong penetrating, 2.4G, long distance remote control, 15 meters
  • Mobile phone APP remote control, Iphone or Android, while playing side command robot, 100 square meters of space free walk through

Product Features:

  • More mute
  • Safer
  • More clean
  • More convenient
  • More intelligent
  • More thin
  • More efficient

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