Tsukemen Ramen Recipe with Two Bowls, Ramen Spoon and Chopsticks – What is Tsukemen Ramen


What is Tsukemen Ramen

It is a Japanese noodle ramen dish in Japanese cuisine consisting of separate servings of noodles and soup or

broth, whereby the noodles are dipped in the soup.  The noodles are typically served cold, while the soup is typically

served hot, which serves to season and moisten the noodles.  The noodles can also be served at room temperature.  

The soup serves as a dipping sauce, and is typically much stronger and intense in flavor compared to standard ramen


Tsukemen Ramen Recipe with two Bowls, ramen spoon and chopsticks

One bowl for Tsukemen ramen, one bowl for soup sauce ( can also be used as the bowl lid )

Ceramic bowls with wooden pattern: 21×9 cm ( 8.3×3.5 inches ) 16×4.6 cm (6.3×1.8 inches )

Matt texture, easy to clean

Ceramic ramen spoon

Wood chopsticks