Shio Ramen Recipe with Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks -What is Shio Ramen


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What is Shio Ramen

This salty broth is considered the oldest of the ramen broths. In fact, shio translates to “salt,” and sea salt is

considered the oldest form of ramen seasoning.

Typically, a shio broth is made with chicken or pork base. You can identify this broth both by it’s extremely salty

flavor, as well as it’s clear yellow coloring. Often, shio ramen contains quite a lot of seaweed. If you have issues with

sodium, this would be the ramen to avoid.

Shio ramen recipe with ramen bowl and chopsticks

Ceramic bowl with natural stone pattern: 21×9.2 cm ( 8.3×3.6 inches )

Designed style, the rugged texture makes the bowl bowl more personalized

Thick bowl side, let the bowl not easy to be hot

The other side of the bowl with thin edge design, so that more convenient to soup

Both sides of the notch design on the bowl, you can place chopsticks, but also convenient to hole the bowl

The bottom did not glaze, better to prevent sliding

Easy to clean

Chopsticks: wood

Model: Matt Black / Bright White



Matt Black, Bright White