Mortier et Pilon Largest Size Stainless Steel


Size: Height x Diameter 25 x 9.5 cm ( 9.8″ x 3.7″ )

The largest size of Mortier et Pilon in the market

304 stainless steel body & pestle

Mortier et Pilon is ideal for grinding large amounts of herbs, seeds or spices, dried fruit, grain, vegetable, tea.  It can

also be used to prepare delicious seasonings in the form of pasta, sauces, dips, spreads, pesto, etc. The shape of the

pestle provides good grip and control while it is rugged, rough, and heavy, allowing for hammering or crushing.

The bottom of the Mortier et Pilon carefully designed, intentional grinding impact will not cause damage to the

desktop, small noise

Pestle one forming, smooth and beautiful

The edge of the mouth is smooth and burnt, cover more firmly

The lid is seamlessly connected

Deepened and increased volume grinding, with large grinding, the pestle has a higher point of force, grinding more


Pestle with curved touching surface , more affixed to the Mortier et Pilon inner wall, more efficient rotating and