Moroccan Tagine with Handles & Recipes


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Moroccan tagine with recipes

Material: Ceramic

Volume: 3.5L ( 0.9 Gal ) suitable for 3-5 persons / 2.3 L ( 0.6Gal ) suitable for 1-3 persons

Color: Light Blue / Orange / Light Green / Light Purple / Yellow

Non-porous sealed pot body, thermal micro-pressure, even internal circulation, fast cooked

Steam circulation, good food nutrition

Sealed, the Moroccan Tagine circulates moisture to slowly simmer ingredients

Extra two handles to hold and move easily Moroccan Tagine

Tagine Recipe

Offered for free as a bonus



3.5L ( 0.9 Gal ), 2.3 L ( 0.6Gal )


Light Blue, Orange, Light Green, Light Purple, Yellow