Hoodiepillow Travel Hoodie Pillow with Emoji Designed


When they’re cute but they flirt with everyone.

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Material: Plush

Size: 33×28 cm

Model: Grey Pillow + Crimson Hoodie / Army Green Pillow + Yellow Hoodie / Light Brown Pillow + Pink Hoodie /

Brown Pillow + Light Brown Hoodie / Black Pillow + Yellow Hoodie Germany / Blue Red Pillow + White Hoodie

France / Dark Blue Pillow + White Hoodie England / Green Pillow + Red Hoodie Portugal / Green Pillow + Yellow

Hoodie Brazil / Red Pillow + Yellow Hoodie Spain / Yellow Pillow + Blue Hoodie Argentina / Orange Netherlands /

Blue Italy

Function: Travel Pillow / Hat / Cute Emoji

Warmth while traveling

Get needed privacy during airline travel

Block out light and dampen sound


Grey Pillow + Crimson Hoodie, Army Green Pillow + Yellow Hoodie, Light Brown Pillow + Pink Hoodie, Brown Pillow + Light Brown Hoodie, Black Pillow + Yellow Hoodie Germany, Blue Red Pillow + White Hoodie France, Dark Blue Pillow + White Hoodie England, Green Pillow + Red Hoodie Portugal, Green Pillow + Yellow Hoodie Brazil, Red Pillow + Yellow Hoodie Spain, Yellow Pillow + Blue Hoodie Argentina, Orange Netherlands, Blue Italy