Fermenting Crock Kimchi Jar with Recipes High Borosilicate Scrub Glass


Enjoy a totally fresh new way to make sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tamari etc

the best fermenting crock in the market with real innovation and premium quality

kimchi jar with recipes high borosilicate scrub glass in the market
• 0.7Gal (2.5L)
• material: high borosilicate glass, food grade ABS cover, high borosilicate glass which has double value than common glass, temperature resistant between -30℃-150℃, easy clean with boiled water
• FREE e-fermented food instructions & FREE e-fermentation kimchi recipes ( Bokkembap Kimchi, Baechu Kimchi, Yeolmumul Kimchi etc ) for DIY home fermentation
• the wide mouth in the market for the most effective & time saving easy fermentation
• 2 airlocks (1 auto & 1 manual ), perfect sealing for the most effective & time saving easy fermentation
• quick, easy, efficient & economic way to go ferment, the best fermenting crock (kimchi making)
• an extra function as a storage jar for keeping food fresh
•beautiful scrub glass jar
• health benefits, life quality & enjoyment could not be neglected, investing a little for your everyday life, getting much more rewards
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