Chonggak Kimchi-What is Chonggak Kimchi-Chonggak Kimchi Recipe


What is Chonggak Kimchi

Chonggak Kimchi  or Ponytail Kimchi is a a special kind of kimchi made with radishes called chonggakmu. The radish

is firm and crispy and the greens are soft, so you can imagine the texture and taste of this kimchi: both crunchy and


Chonggak Kimchi Recipe

We offer chonggak kimchi recipe with other korean kimchi recipe such as baek kimchi, bokkeumbap kimchi, bossam

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Chonggak Kimchi Bowl with lid, chopsticks and spoon

We offer chonggak kimchi with lid, one pair of chopsticks and one spoon with 5 free kimchi

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Ceramic bowl & spoon with wood bamboo lid, wood chopsticks, vintage style

Ceramic bowl with lid:  16×8 cm ( 6.3×3.1 inches )

Chopsticks: 25 cm ( 9.8 inches )

Spoon: 15.5 cm ( 6.1 inches )

How to make kimchi-easy kimchi fermentation crock

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