Chinese Restaurant Dinnerware Hot Pot Barbie Decoration Barbie Fashion


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Material: Plastic

Size: 10×30 cm ( 3.9×11.8 inches )

Model: Blond Hair / Brown Hair

Put the Barbie beauty model on the plate, take the ice wrapped around, and then cut the meat wrapped in beautiful

body, the excess meat on the ice using as a skirt

Can also use plastic wraps instead of ice, wrapped into the soil slope shape, up narrow, down wide

If you want to tie up the hair, there is a rubber band on the doll’s hair


材质: 塑料

尺寸: 10×30 厘米 ( 3.9×11.8 英寸 )

款式: 金发 / 棕发

把芭比放在盘子上, 用碎冰包裹,再把切好的肉片缠裹美女身体,多余的肉片放在冰上当裙子







Blond Hair 金发, Brown Hair 棕发