Ceramic Kombucha Brewer Stainless Steel with Stand, Cups & Saucers with Recipes


Enjoy a fresh way to your Kombucha brewing

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Ceramic Kombucha Brewer Modern Style with Stand, Cups & Saucers with Recipes

Material: ceramic kombucha brewer + bamboo lid + bamboo stand + ceramic cups + ceramic or bamboo saucers + stainless steel spigot

Model: with 6 cups & ceramic saucers / with 4 cups & bamboo saucers

• 0.8 Gal (3L) with stand
• can be cleaned with boiled water, coldness resistant
• Free how to brew kombucha e-instructions & kombucha tea recipes for DIY home brewing ( including how to grow a scoby without kombucha instruction, kombucha recipes include gingerade kombucha, kombucha beer etc )
• the widest mouth & the widest body for the easiest, the most effective & time saving kombucha tea fermentation, scoby easily put into and taken out of the jar
• kombucha brewer with premium quality stainless steel spigot, with large size outlet
• bamboo stand to hold the ceramic kombucha brewer
• you only need to have a cotton cloth with a diameter of at least 6.7″( 17 cm ) and a rubber band
• simple & modern style kombucha brewer
• kombucha health benefits, life quality & enjoyment could not be neglected, investing a little for your everyday life,       getting much more rewards
• can also be used as a beverage jar kit, wine or beer brewing jar kit

Attached a video “why you should brew your own kombucha” from the Huffington Post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9RpZ5bsUe8

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with 6 cups & ceramic saucers, with 4 cups & bamboo saucers

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