Antique Telephones for Sale Vintage Rotary Desk Phone


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Material: Resin

Model: Classic / Handset Taken Down / Piggy Bank Golden / Piggy Bank Silver

Size: Classic 18x11x13 cm ( 7.1×4.3×5.1 inches ) / Handset Taken down 19x12x16 cm (7.5×4.7×6.3 inches ) / Piggy

Bank 16.5x14x16 cm (6.5×5.5×6.3 inches )

Classic antique telephone is a desk set telephone that was manufactured in the United States from 1937 until 1955,

and in Canada until the late 1950s, until well after the introduction of the 500-type telephone in 1949. The sets were

routinely refurbished into the 1960s.

The model was one of the most widely used American combined telephone sets to include the ringer and network

circuitry in the same telephone housing.




Classic, Handset Taken Down, Piggy Bank Golden, Piggy Bank Silver