Rotate Condiment Server Set Crystal Color 5Pcs


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Material: AS+PP+Metal

Model & Size: Four Layers 8.5×22.5 cm

Five Layers 8.5×26 cm

Color: Crystal White / Crystal Green / Crystal Blue

  • The base is made of high quality material, unique curved design, easy to take, easy to reset
  • Nuts can be demolished at any time, easy to clean the seasoning set box, keeping the clean kitchen
  • 360 degrees free to rotate, home life becomes¬†more simple, comfortable, enjoy the fun of cooking
  • Stereo storage, saving space, can accommodate a variety of kitchen ingredients, spice set, seasoning set, condiment set, the kitchen has a new look
  • Large disc design bottom, making the overall stability of the condiment set, no overturned problem

Crystal White, Crystal Green, Crystal Blue


four layers, five layers

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