Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless Virtual Keyboard Mouse


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Size: 7.8x4x2 cm

Color: Silver / White

Product Description:

The laser projection keyboard is a keyboard that is connected to the master device via Bluetooth HID for desktop

computers, tablet, smartphones, game consoles, and more. Projection keyboard as a new input device, it uses the

built-in infrared laser transmitter in the work plane projection standard keyboard outline, finger click on the pattern,

through the optical identification method to determine the click location to complete the information input. Laser

projection keyboard without physical buttons, through the Bluetooth and the main device connection, small size, easy

to carry, to adapt to the vast majority of the working environment.

Working Principle:

The keyboard projector of the laser projection keyboard will project the keyboard outline in the work plane. Its

bottom will emit infrared light to detect fingers and other objects. When the object passes through the infrared light,

the sensor will detect the infrared light reflected by the object. The keyboard operation is performed by analyzing the

position and movement of the object.

Product Features:

• English QWERTY keyboard layout
• Portable design
• Standard keyboard key size and spacing for easy operation
• No moving parts, durable use
• Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries, portable
• Compatible with the latest operating system: Windows XP and above, Windows Phone7 and above, iOS4 and above, Android 2.0 and above, Mac OS X and above.



silver, white

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