Chinese Restaurant Dinnerware Liang ZhuGe Getting Arrows by Grass Boats Music Dinnerware


Material: Ceramic + Resin

Size: Liang ZhuGe Getting Arrows by Grass Boats Base 56.5×21.5×13 cm ( 22.2×8.5×5.1 inches )

Ceramic Dinnerware 23.5×18.5×4 cm ( 9.3×7.3×1.6 inches )

Dry ice can be placed inside the hull, to create a fairyland mood effect, with music box, an unexpected surprise to the

diners.  Funny and creative, easy to seize the attention of the diners, he will have a deep impression on this dish , So

remember your restaurant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          中国创意餐具干冰带音乐诸葛亮草船借箭创意餐具

材质: 陶瓷 + 树脂

尺寸: 诸葛亮草船借箭底座 56.5×21.5×13 厘米 ( 22.2×8.5×5.1 英寸 )

陶瓷餐具 23.5×18.5×4 厘米 ( 9.3×7.3×1.6 英寸 )