Blooming Tea Balls 16 Pcs Blooming Tea Gift Set


16Pcs 8 Kinds blooming tea balls

Volume: 160g ( 5.6 oz )

Craft tea is the use of tea and edible flowers through the humidification, drying and other processing, handmade, the

natural flowers stitched in the silver needle in the formation of a small ball.

Tea beauty and flowers fragrance come into one.

Brewing method: (1) put the processed tea into a glass cup or a tea pot, it is recommended to use about 10 cm ( 3.9

inches )high, more than 7 cm ( 2.8 inches ) in diameter transparent glassware, so that flowers can be opened.

(2) 100 ºC boiling point ( 212ºF ) of pure water, the capacity of 300-500ml( 10.1 – 16.9 oz), slowly injected along the

wall. (Cast tea after the injection of 100 degrees boiling water, so that flowers will be in full bloom, the second bubble

water temperature is lower, flowers easily burned)

(3) and so on 1-2 minutes, watch its budding flowering process