Premium Tibetan Tea Fermented Tea Mountain Tea 30 Tea Bags


Tea Volume

Total 60g (2.12oz), 30 tea bags, each 2g (0.07oz)
Leaf Tea

Tea Ingredients

Tea plantation is located at an attitude of above 1500 meters.
Tibetan tea is made up of tea, camellia, tea, and shoots.
Tibetan tea is made from mature spring tea, spring and summer tea, summer tea, summer and autumn tea, and autumn tea.
Tibetan tea is refined by 32 traditional complex techniques.

Tea Power

Drink Anytime – Hot or Cold
Morning tea, Afternoon tea
Three taste of Tibetan tea:
One is the original flavor, the second is the true flavor, and the third is the Zen flavor. The taste is the kind of direct and fast expression of the taste, which is attached to the most superficial atmosphere of the tea; the true taste is a deeper, more textured integrated element than the original taste, including its health attributes, performance; Zen taste is the enlightenment and benefit brought by the philosophy of life contained in Tibetan tea itself.
The original taste of Tibetan tea is soaked out. As long as there is boiling water, you can get its original flavor; The true taste of Tibetan tea is boiled, and slowly boiled, which can make the smell of tea more full and thick, and extract the beneficial substances contained in it. The Zen taste of Tibetan tea is realized. The realm outside the tea, I am afraid that only those who know and are familiar with Tibetan tea can make a statement.

Tea Taste

Tibetan tea has no strong personality, and the tea is mild and inclusive. It can blend different things and is suitable for drinking.