Premium Jasmine Tea Gift Box with Designed Illustration


Tea Volume

Total 45g (1.59oz)
Gift Box Packing

Tea Ingredients

Jasmine Tea

Tea Power

Drink Anytime – Hot or Cold
Morning tea, Afternoon tea

Tea Taste

It’s is fresh and natural, sweet and delicious, the soup color is bright yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaves is fresh and soft, which can clear away heat and detoxification.

Jasmine Tea Health Benefits

Jasmine is cold, sweet, and flatulent. It is spicy, sweet, and warm.
It has the effect of relieving pain, warming the stomach and stomach, reducing swelling and detoxification, and strengthening the immune system.
It has a good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect on dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis and sore.
Jasmine has the functions of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, treating phlegm, facilitating water, removing phlegm, treating phlegm, strengthening teeth, benefiting Qi, lowering blood pressure, strengthening heart, preventing phlegm and preventing radiation damage, anti-cancer and anti-aging, prolonging life, physical and mental health;
It has the effect of calming the nerves and moisturizing the skin.
Its aroma is pleasant, it also helps with constipation, smoothing bowel movements, and improving drowsiness and anxiety.
It is also effective for chronic stomach diseases and menstrual disorders.
It can help gastrointestinal discomfort, uterine health care, dizziness, soothe the nerves, can calm the mood and relieve depression.