Moroccan Throw Pillow Vintage Style Court Pattern


Size: 45×45 cm

Material: Cotton, Linen

Throw pillows with Moroccan pattern will add a tinge of Moroccan style to your space. Using these would be playing

on a safer side as pillow covers can easily be replaced. These can be added to your bed, sofa, accent chairs, or if you

find ones big enough, to the floor as a floor pillow (or pouf) to add a bold statement.

Due to its unique location, Morocco has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years. For centuries, the

country was formed by the mixture of African tribes from the other side of the Sahara Desert, Islamic traditions from

Arab neighbors, and European colonizers. All of these influences have created a culture unlike any other and nowhere

is this more clear than in the country’s unique architectural style.

The Moroccan design style takes its roots from Moorish architecture, which is characterized by its arches—

horseshoe, ogee and lancet—its color palette of rich hues, and decorative tile work. One of the main characteristics of

the Moroccan architecture is Zellige, which is terra cotta tile work covered with enamel in the form of chips set

into plaster.


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