Lingerie Set Bra+Panty Lace Mesh Yarn Embroidery Sexy Transparent Ultra-Thin Bra


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Material: Bra: Polyester

Panty: Polyester+Cotton
Size(Bra+Panty): 32B +S / 32C+S / 34A+M / 34B+M / 34C+M / 34D+M / 34E+M / 36A+L /36B+L / 36C+L / 36D+L /36E+L /38B+XL

  • Comfortable soft material, to create a sexy silky texture, not the general sewing process, light through the yarn, put on more self-confidence
  • Transparent mesh cup, under the support of the beatiful skin, clear texture, charming filling
  • Rear buckle, three rows of two buckles, moderate┬ádesign width, simple and comfortable
  • 3/4 cup type is good to wrap your chest, the cup is soft and breathable, comfortable skin
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • This moment is beautiful with tender and beating heart

Style: Feminine / Sexy


32B +S, 32C+S, 34A+M, 34B+M, 34C+M, 34D+M, 34E+M, 36A+L, 36B+L, 36C+L, 36D+L, 36E+L, 38B+XL