Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride

   Life is a journey. Business is the same. There are some customers that I will never forget.
In Feb, I met a customer from Australia. She told me that she had broken the kombucha brewing jar that she bought. I like her style very much. I gave her a suggestion immediately, offering her a free kombucha brewing jar with the spigot, she would be in charge of the shipping fees, I suggested her to sell the stainless steel spigot of the broken jar in the second-hand market for fun. Meantime the amount that she got could compensate for the shipping fees. She liked my suggestion very much and accepted it immediately. Her honesty gave me a deep impression.
In April, there was a customer in US, she communicated with me on a problem of our product. I solved it immediately and she was happy. Meantime I presented a quote,”Perfection is the enemy of good.”. She replied to me,”If you can present the equivalent words in French, I would be delighted.” I gave her the answer.
In July, another customer in US told me that one accessory didn’t work well on the product, in two minutes, I succeeded in finding a substitute supplier in US and paid them to make the shipment immediately. The customer received the accessory in two days. He was very happy. I told him that time was efficiency and I didn’t mind whether I lost money.
They are good customers. When you meet nice people, you really enjoy the time with them.
There was one customer that I would never forget her. She was a highly sensitive female and unfortunately she had mental problem. This time I was unlucky, because of the Canada Post problem, the goods were delayed. I tried to keep contact with Canada Post to follow-up. Once when I called her, she began to curse and meantime curse to her husband. I think that she has difficulty in controlling her mood. Still I tried to be professional and said sorry to her. In order not to let her feel frustrated, I reshipped the product and spent a lot of time conforting her, making her relaxed…
Being an entrepreneur, you are not only in the state of self-developping, but also caring people. When they have problem, help them to solve it, make them to be relaxed. That’s the key of business.