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Lace Camisole with Built in Bra White


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Lace Camisole with Built in Bra White Features

• Shapewear should never sacrifice style. Stretch lace meets firm control shaping in Lace ‘N Smooth Camisole Top. Tame your tummy, support your bust and look great under all your clothes. Managing your assets has never looked this good!
• Fabric: Cups, Back, Front: Modal(90% Viscose, 10% Spandex)
• Color: White
• Pattern: Lace
• Feature: Comfortable, Breathable
• Soft, Elastic
• Pull On closure
• Cup can be detachabled
• Adjustable Strap
• Length:22.8″/58cm
• Bust can be stretched from 30.7″-43.3″/78-110cm
• Cups for added support & coverage
• Delivers outstanding shaping performance and is designed to move with you
• Suitable for females with US bra band size 30-42
• Slim fit

International Bra Size Conversion Chart

2:UK/India/South Africa
1 2 3 4 5
30AA 30A 65A 8AA 80A
30A 30A 65A 8A 80A
30B 30B 65B 8A 80B
30C 30C 65C 8B 80
30D 30D 65D 8C 80D
30DD 30DD 65E 8D 80E
30DDD 30E 65F 8DD 80F
30F 30F 65G 8E 80G
30G 30G 65H 8F 80H
30H 30H 65I 8G 80I
30I 30I 65J 8H 80J
30J 30J 65K 8I 80K
32AA 32A 70A 10AA 85A
32A 32A 70A 10AA 85A
32B 32B 70B 10A 85B
32C 32C 70C 10B 85C
32D 32D 70D 10C 85D
32DD 32DD 70E 10D 85E
32DDD 32E 70F 10DD 85F
32F 32F 70G 10E 85G
32G 32G 70H 10F 85H
32H 32H 70I 10G 85I
32I 32I 70J 10H 85J
32J 32J 70K 10I 85K
34AA 34A 75A 12AA 90A
34A 34A 75A 12AA 90A
34B 34B 75B 12A 90B
34C 34C 75C 12B 90C
34D 34D 75D 12C 90D
34DD 34DD 75E 12D 90E
34DDD 34E 75F 12DD 90F
34G 34G 75H 12F 90H
34H 34H 75I 12G 90I
34I 34I 75J 12H 90J
34J 34J 75K 12I 90K
36AA 36A 80A 14AA 95A
36A 36A 80A 14AA 95A
36B 36B 80B 14A 95B
36C 36C 80C 14B 95C
36D 36D 80D 14C 95D
36DD 36DD 80E 14D 95E
36DDD 36E 80F 14DD 95F
36F 36F 80G 14E 95G
36G 36G 80H 14F 95H
36H 36H 80I 14G 95I
36I 36I 80J 14H 95J
36J 36J 80K 14I 95K
38AA 38A 85A 16AA 100A
38A 38A 85A 16AA 100A
38B 38B 85B 16A 100B
38C 38C 85C 16B 100C
38D 38D 85D 16C 100D
38DD 38DD 85E 16D 100E
38DDD 38E 85F 16DD 100F
38F 38F 85G 16E 100G
38G 38G 85H 16F 100H
38H 38H 85I 16G 100I
38I 38I 85J 16H 100J
38J 38J 85K 16I 100K
40AA 40A 90A 18AA 105A
40A 40A 90A 18AA 105A
40B 40B 90B 18A 105B
40C 40C 90C 18B 105C
40D 40D 90D 18C 105D
40DD 40DD 90E 18D 105E
40DDD 40E 90F 18DD 105F
40F 40F 90G 18E 105G
40G 40G 90H 18F 105H
40H 40H 90I 18G 105I
40I 40I 90J 18H 105J
40J 40J 90K 18I 105K
42AA 42A 95A 20AA 110A
42A 42A 95A 20AA 110A
42B 42B 95B 20A 110B
42C 42C 95C 20B 110C
42D 42D 95D 20C 110D
42DD 42DD 95E 20D 110E
42DDD 42E 95F 20DD 110F
42F 42F 95G 20E 110G
42G 42G 95H 20F 110H
42H 42H 95I 20G 110I
42I 42I 95J 20H 110J
42J 42J 95K 20I 110K
44AA 44A 100A 22AA 115A
44A 44A 100A 22AA 115A
44B 44B 100B 22A 115B
44C 44C 100C 22B 115C
44D 44D 100D 22C 115D
44DD 44DD 100E 22D 115E
44DDD 44E 100F 22DD 115F
44F 44F 100G 22E 115G
44G 44G 100H 22F 115H
44H 44H 100I 22G 115I
44I 44I 100J 22H 115J
44J 44J 100K 22I 115K
46AA 46A 105A 24AA 120A
46A 46A 105A 24AA 120A
46B 46B 105B 24A 120B
46C 46C 105C 24B 120C
46D 46D 105D 24C 120D
46DD 46DD 105E 24D 120E
46DDD 46E 105F 24DD 120F
46F 46F 105G 24E 120G
46G 46G 105H 24F 120H
46H 46H 105I 24G 120I
46I 46I 105J 24H 120J
46J 46J 105K 24I 120K
48AA 48A 110A 26AA 125A
48A 48A 110A 26AA 125A
48B 48B 110B 26A 125B
48C 48C 110C 26B 125C
48D 48D 110D 26C 125D
48DD 48DD 110E 26D 125E
48DDD 48E 110F 26DD 125F
48F 48F 110G 26E 125G
48G 48G 110H 26F 125H
48H 48H 110I 26G 125I
48I 48I 110J 26H 125J
48J 48J 110K 26I 125K
50AA 50A 115A 28AA 130A
50A 50A 115A 28AA 130A
50B 50B 115B 28A 130B
50C 50C 115C 28B 130C
50D 50D 115D 28C 130D
50DD 50DD 115E 28D 130E
50DDD 50E 115F 28DD 130F
50F 50F 115G 28E 130G
50G 50G 115H 28F 130H
50H 50H 115I 28G 130I
50I 50I 115J 28H 130J
50J 50J 115K 28I 130K
52AA 52A 120A 30AA 135A
52A 52A 120A 30AA 135A
52B 52B 120B 30A 135B
52C 52C 120C 30B 135C
52D 52D 120D 30C 135D
52DD 52DD 120E 30D 135E
52DDD 52E 120F 30DD 135F
52F 52F 120G 30E 135G
52G 52G 120H 30F 135H
52H 52H 120I 30G 135I
52I 52I 120J 30H 135J
52J 52J 120K 30I 135K

band size

30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42