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Labradorite Stone Labradorite Crystal Healing | Mybenshop

Labradorite Stone Labradorite Crystal Healing | Mybenshop

Labradorite Stone Labradorite Crystal Healing

Labradorite Crystal for spiritual and remedie functions.


Labradorite Stone Labradorite Crystal Healing Features

Labradorite Crystal
Volume: 3.53oz/100g
Packing: in a classic candle box
Model: Labradorite Stone | Labradorite Stone with Essential Oil
Essential Oil options: British Freesia Fragrance | Lavender | Lime Basil | Sage Sea Salt | Orange Blossom | Blackberry and Laurel | Almond Flower Honey | Butterfly Dream | Mimosa | Shangri-La | Hilton Hotel | Westin | Blue Wind Chimes

Labradorite Stone Meaning

Labradorite meaning is deeply rooted in the labradorite stone’s use as a “Stone of Magic.” This iridescent mineral rock has been greatly valued by diviners, healers and shamans throughout the ages. The vivid labradorescence revealed beneath the gray or black labradorite surface represents deeper, hidden realms beneath the everyday world. These “seen” and “unseen” elements define the root of labradorite meaning.

This stone’s ability to encourage self-awareness of inner spirit, psychic ability and intuition is tied to the root of labradorite meaning. These abilities are hidden beneath what is seen in the everyday world like the labradorescence is hidden beneath the gray-green labradorite or black labradorite exterior.

Labradorite meaning is strongly connected to its reputation as the top protector stone in the mineral kingdom. Labradorite rock provides protection by creating a shield within the aura, similar to the labradorescence within the shield of the dull, labradorite rock exterior. The natural energies within the aura are strengthened by labradorite stone. Labradorite power is especially beneficial for exploring various consciousness levels and enhancing visions, both future and past, in keeping with labradorite meaning.

The magical power of labradorite, as spelled out in the root of labradorite meaning, brings natural intuitive abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance to light. Abilities in the realms of prophecy, past-life recognition and psychic reading can be discovered or enhanced by labradorite, in keeping with labradorite meaning. The ability to increase the amount of serendipity and synchronicity in life, commonly known as coincidence control, is also enhanced with labradorite.

Labradorite meaning is connected to its classification as a winter season semi-precious jewel. Labradorite color and labradorescence is especially brilliant during the winter. It is believed to have been connected to Atlantis. People with ties to Atlantis from a previous life are said to experience enhanced sensory perceptions from labradorite gemstones. Special awareness, clairvoyance and ingenuity are awakened by wearing labradorite gemstone jewelry, a labradorite benefit that supports labradorite meaning.

Labradorite Stone Healing Properties

Physical- Labradorite is beneficial to the lungs and may assist with respiratory problems, bronchitis, and colds. It assists in digestion, regulation, and metabolism. It’s also been used to soothe periods of menstruation, PMS symptoms, and for other types of pain relief.
Emotional- Labradorite calms an erratic mind and reenergizes the imagination. It encourages deeper introspection, bringing about a renewed clarity of thought and intuitive wisdom to help bring light to tough issues. It enhances faith and reliance in oneself and trust in Spirit, while simultaneously banishing fears and insecurities.
Spiritual- Labradorite is a powerful aura protector because it prevents energy leaks. It also keeps ‘energy vampires’ from tapping into and draining your personal energy

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Labradorite Stone, Labradorite Stone with Essential Oil

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