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Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented beverage made from tea that is refreshing (especially as the weather heats up) but also great for you. The drink is essentially fermented tea: it’s made from sweetened tea, usually black, that is fermented by a bacteria and yeast culture and ends up full of probiotics as a result.

Tea has been enjoying a surge of popularity for a few years now, due in part to its health benefits. And probiotics have gone from being a hippie supplement to finding their way into a wide variety of foods. Kombucha tea seems to indulge in both those trends for energizing tea and natural cultures that have been reported to boost digestion and metabolism at the same time.

There are health-based reasons to drink kombucha and it’s much lower in sugar and calories than other sweet drinks, but it’s also worth trying just for the taste.

From Wiki, a scoby is a mix of cultures of bacteria and yeast present during production of kombucha.  It’s also called kombucha mother, kombucha mushroom.


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