kombucha history & interesting legend


Kombucha is a traditional folk drink with long history.  It can be traced back to the ancient China, Tsin Dynasty(221-207BC).  In the year 414, in order to treat the indigestion disease of Zan Prince in Japan, Kombucha was introduced to Japan from Korea. Kombucha originated in China’s Bohai Sea area ( in the north of China).
In Ancient China, Kombucha has long been cultured and spread, and as a kind of daily consumption of traditional folk beverage.  There is a legend for kombucha history.  It is said that a long time ago, there was a grocery store in the Bohai Sea area.  Once, an employee in the store cleaned an honey pot, poured the water into a candy jar.  After a few days, when he opened the cover of the jar, felt a good smell of acid flavor.  Everybody came to see what happened.  In the altar there was a thick layer of milky white colloid film and it sealed the jar.  At that time, the weather was hot.  The employee was so thirsty and could not resist the temptation of aromatic & acid stimulation, he picked up the gourd ladle, scooped up on the drink. After drinking, he shouted, “Yummy! Yummy”.  All the people in the store followed him and drank half a scoop. Later, the owner asked the employee to make it again and he made a fortune.  He also ate it as a salad dish and became a man with long life in the area. Later the employee opened the secret to the public and it spreaded out.  It’s a famous kombucha legend in China.
At the beginning of 19th century, Kombucha was introduced to Russia by East Asia businessmen, then to Europe & America.  Another saying, “Kombucha was introduced to Europe & America by the Eight-Nation-Alliance” at the beginning of 20th century.  Kombucha is also welcomed by the people in Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong etc.  Now it becomes a worldwide healthy drink.

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