kombucha tea

The Pros of Continuous Brew
1. If you have a family, this is the easiest way to make a lot of kombucha quickly. It serves a crowd.
2. It’s easy to brew and maintain, because you simply add fresh sweet tea as you draw out the finished kombucha. There’s no need to remove the SCOBY from the vessel.
3. It’s low-maintenance. You only need to separate the SCOBY once every month or so.
4. It brews fast. If you’re someone who gets impatient waiting for your next batch of booch to brew, that doesn’t happen here. That’s because with batch brew, you have a 1:16 ratio of kombucha to sweet tea. (1 cup kombucha starter tea per gallon of sweet tea). That’s a lot of tea to ferment, and that takes time. With continuous brew, at least 20% of the container is starter tea (and often a higher %). That means you have a minimum 1:5 ratio of kombucha to sweet tea. There’s simply more kombucha to help with the fermentation. Additionally, continuous brew vessels usually produce larger SCOBYs, and they ferment faster as well.
5. It provides stronger protection against mold. The kombucha starter tea helps protect against mold whether you’re doing batch or continuous brew. But the fact that continuous brew has a higher ratio of starter tea means it provides a higher level of protection.
6. It also offers more protection against invasion by outside bacteria/yeast. The vulnerable phase in any fermentation is the start of the process, before the ferment gets established. Continuous brew is a constant ferment that stays established after the initial setup.
7. It converts sugar more quickly. At first I thought continuous brew would have a higher sugar content, especially if you drink and replenish one glass at a time, constantly adding sweet tea to the container. It turns out the opposite is true. In batch brewing, there’s a “lag time” before the beneficial yeasts in the SCOBY and starter tea start converting the sugar. In continuous brew, yeasts are ready to go, and the kombucha gets sour much more quickly.
8. It has a more diverse blend of beneficial acids and bacteria. This is because at each point in the brewing cycle, different acids and bacteria form. If you batch brew long enough, you can get an equally diverse blend, but many people prefer a slightly sweet kombucha and stop the brew early. With continuous brew, there is always long-brewed kombucha as part of the mix.
The Pros of Batch Brewing
1. If you are the only person in your household drinking kombucha, it makes plenty. A medicinal dose of kombucha is 4-8 ounces daily.

You can choose according to your own situation.

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