Since Jan 20, 2019, we don’t use free shipping coupon code any more. Instead, we offer 70 free shipping countries, 6 in America, 33 in Europe, 27 in Asia, 2 in Oceania, 2 in Africa.

Once you place the order, your order cannot be cancelled.
Once you place the order, you confirm that you have read and you agree to Mybenshop Shipping Clauses.
The products are typically shipped within 2-3 business days. We use different carriers to ship the goods.
We will offer shipping label, the tracking no and tracking website upon the request of the customers. Once
on the tracking website that we offer, it shows that the products have been delivered to the order shipping
address, we will not be responsible for any claims of the non-receipt. If the customers wrongly present the
shipping address, any charges happened, you will be responsible.

Here are the details of shipping time, shipping rates and service for different regions and countries:




Central & South America Countries




Other European Countries


Australia, New Zealand

Other Oceania Countries


Asian Countries


African Countries