Countertop Peacock Wine Rack Wine Bottle Display Stand Features:

• Material: Made of high quality metal, strong and durable, beautiful design, You’re worth it!
• Size: 11.8″x6.7″x3.9″/30x17x10cm
• Can hold 1 wine bottle
• Heavy-duty type
• Horizontal wine storage is an ideal way to store your wines in wine racks. This will prevent wine from unwanted contact with air or air pockets by keeping the cork moist and swelled. When placing your wine bottles horizontally, sediment will fall to the side of the bottle, preventing spoilage when pouring wine. This option is good for long-term storage and allows full visibility of the wine labels
• Elegant peacock design
• The tail is embedded with simulated diamonds

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Cadeau de Noel-Countertop Peacock Wine Rack Wine Bottle Display Stand

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