Baechu Kimchi – Baechu Kimchi Recipe with Kimchi Bowl – What is Baechu Kimchi


What is Baechu Kimchi

Baechu kimchi, translated as cabbage kimchi or simply kimchi is a quintessential banchan (side dish) in Korean

cuisine, made with salted, seasoned, and fermented napa cabbages.

Baechu Kimchi Recipe

We offer baechu kimchi recipe with other korean kimchi recipe such as bokkeumbap kimchi, chonggak kimchi,

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Baechu Kimchi Bowl

We offer baechu kimchi bowl with 5 free kimchi recipe ( kimchi bokkeumbap, baek kimchi, chonggak kimchi, bossam

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Ceramic bowl vintage style 14×5.5 cm ( 5.5×2.2 inches )

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