Assorted Teas Gift Box Jasmine Tea Rose Tea Chrysanthemum Tea with Wood Spoon


Tea Volume

Total 30g (1.06oz)
Gift Box Packing

Tea Ingredients

Jasmine Tea, Rose Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea

Tea Power

Drink Anytime – Hot or Cold
Morning tea, Afternoon tea
A beautiful combination of tea & flower, visual and sensory enjoyment

Tea Taste

Jasmine Tea: It’s is fresh and natural, sweet and delicious, the soup color is bright yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaves is fresh and soft, which can clear away heat and detoxification.
Rose Tea: Sweet taste, light floral aroma.
Chrysanthemum Tea: plain and fragrant, and tastes a bit bitter. Don’t drink it once when you drink it. Leave 1/3 tea in the cup. After adding fresh tea, soak it for a while and then drink it – so that its taste can remain mellow.